Studio time

When the studio becomes your life, your workplace, your living room.
It needs to care for you. It needs to boost creativity. It needs to work.

We built Nataraj Recordings with the same creativity and playfulness we wish to have making music.
It turned out great, but don’t take our word on it, come visit, or book som studio time.

27m2 Recording Room
50m2 Control Room




SSL AWS900+se


Wall mounted: Genelec 1038
Reference: Neumann KH120

Hardware EQ´s

TK Audio TKlizer
24x SSL E/G Series EQ
And much more…


Bock 195 Fet
Oktava MK-012 (x2) Matched pair
And much more…

Nataraj Recordings

Nataraj Recordings is the optimal place to record your album, EP or single. Backed by high-end hardware and spacious rooms, we can host entire bands.
We have big sofas for hanging out and to boost creativity, with a kitchen connected.

Bookings are open, and includes a studio engineer. Please contact us below for more info.

+46 73 913 82 86

Oskar Sedemark

Nataraj Recordings
Tuna Industriväg 35
SE-15395 Järna

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Nataraj Recordings